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Catch the

The Cariboo Gold Rush was big news back in the mid-1800s and it is a noteworthy part of our history. It spawned the settlement of this area, and led to what is now a thriving ranching industry.

We have selected 3 themes to use on our brand new line of “Heritage Wear” for 2016.

The BX Stagecoach Line

Agnus McVee
The first serial killer in this part of the world. She operated a roadhouse/inn on the Cariboo Gold Rush Trail and took advantage of prospectors by murdering them and stealing their gold. Legend or fact? Nobody can really say, but it is a sinister & little-known part of our local history.

The BX Stagecoach
This was an important part of the Gold Rush. It provided movement of people and goods up and down the Gold Rush Trail. Our iconic illustration will bring you back to those glorious days.

Catch the Cariboo Fever
This simple but impactive design brings the Cariboo name to life!

100 Mile House Visitor Centre
Cariboo Fever - available in April

Cariboo Fever

Agnus McVee, the Killer Innkeeper
of the Cariboo Gold Rush